Sameon Summer Reflection

(Mareschal x Shulay Crazy Lace)

Our beautiful mare Sameon Summer Reflection aka Suzi bred by Sameon stud (Mareschal x Shulay Crazy lace) 93% arab. Suzi is a lovely mare and a moving machine, she is always the first to call to us every morning and is a real 'people person'. Suzi has an absolutely fantastic pedigree each horse has been carefully selected to produce champion after champion and suzi is no exception, she has a high percentage of crabbet in her breeding mainly from her fathers side which has given her a wonderful even temperament and a good amount of substance and bone. Sadly when she was younger she had a septic knee which has led to arthritis so I am unable to show her, however this does not stop her passing on her effortless movement and type to her foals.


Sameon Summer Reflection Pedigree