ROE Marjan (2006 - 2015)

This is a message I hoped never to have to write and it has taken me some time to be able to write this. We very sadly lost our beautiful girl ROE Marjan last weekend to a very severe acute bought of Colitis. Saturday night they all had their feeds, rugs, hugs etc and Marjan was snorting at the electric fence as usual (her arch enemy) and then Sunday morning she had severe diarrhea but was not showing any signs of distress, I brought her in and called the vet, where she went down and started with colic like symptoms.


We were then faced with a horrible decision, if we could not get her up that we would have to end her suffering there. However she was a super brave mare as always and with a lot of will power and pain killers we got her up and into the trailer and up to Bristol for emergency surgery. She was in a lot of pain and the vets told me she was very poorly and that her chances of recovering were next to nil, but we gave her every opportunity to come around from the operation but she told me enough was enough as sadly following the operation she remained comatose and on life support so rather than put my beautiful, brave girl through more pain we made the decision to let her go. She had every drug we could think of and the head of surgery, 2 other vets and the head of anaethesia but they sadly could not save my girl.


I cannot put into words my sadness at this time, every morning I go out and see her best friend Suzi and her beautiful filly Aurelia and still try and call her name. There are a lot of questions going through my head as to what I missed, if I could have done anything else, I have questioned every vet if something I could have done would have made a difference but sadly I it would not have done, she has come back as clear for all bacteria or viral infections and had just had a WEC back as less than 50 and there were no tapeworms or anything else that can account for what happened. So I cannot even find the horrific illness that took her from me. All I can say is that for now my beautiful filly Aurelia is being just as brave as her mummy and auntie Suzi is doing a fantastic job with being surrogate mum.