Foal 2018


Gabwells Fleur De Lis

(CB Sugar Town x Tylands Fillippo)

84% arab.

Fleur is an absolute gem and is full of feminine beauty and grace. Her movement is very straight, correct and effortless, she carries herself in a natural outline already and just exudes presence! She has a phenomenal topline and her hindquarters are incredibly powerful so she will be more than capable of turning her hoof to any chosen sphere. Her temperament is as expected from her parents full sibling and she is very inquisitive, loving and willing to please, she is always the first over to see me when in the field and I am never lonely whilst poo picking!  She also appears to be rabicano which will make her incredibly striking, one not to be missed.

Gabwells Grand Illusion

(Doylan Golden Enchantment x Psharif)

94.5% arab.

Louie is quite probably the cutest foal we have ever had here, he is just the sweetest natured little darling. He has just started to develop his snort and blow and boy can he use them! He always calls to everyone and anyone and just wants to be involved. He has lovely movement and the most beautiful head, you would never know he was not a purebred. He certainly lives up to his pedigree which is literally crammed full of greats and is sure to turn heads regardless of the discipline.

Higher Gabwell Stud, Stokeinteignhead, Torquay, Devon

01803 269049

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