Foal 2015


Gabwells Aurelia

(ROE Marjan x Tylands Fillippo)

92% arab.

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2015-10-31 08.55.07
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Aurelia is a very special filly who deserved a very special name, therefore we have named her Aurelia which means golden in Greek which was where my husband and I spent our honeymoon so it has some very sentimental attachments to us. She truely is a once in a life time filly, she has inherited all the best features from her parents, her mums beautiful head and neck, her dads impeccable friendly and loving temperament and both of their presence and movement and on top of all this she has colour as well! Retained as future broodmare.

Gabwells Eclipse Solaire

(Sameon Summer Reflection x Tylands Fillippo)

89% arab.

2015-09-09 16.28.21
2015-09-28 08.24.08_edited
2015-09-09 16.36.37
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Eclipse is our stunning boy born this year, he was named as not only does he have a very unique facial marking in the shape of a crescent moon but he was also born just after the summer eclipse. There was a very famous racehorse called Eclipse also named as he was born during a summer eclipse who went on to win 17 races, have a fantastic stud career thereafter and live on to a good age and we have every faith that Clippy will be just as successful. Eclipse is a beautiful boy with elastic paces, straight conformation and a fantastic temperament as expected from his pedigree. He is a super young boy who loves scratches, cuddles and attention. He moves with real finesse and always with his tail bolt upright, he really has the potential to excell in any sphere and I cannot wait to see what the future brings for him. Now sold congratulations to Sara!